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Where the Heart Is

Every Pet Counts is a project of the Somerville Foundation for Animals. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable foundation dedicated to bettering the lives of pets and their people.

Through its efforts, Every Pet Counts funds the Somerville Pet Food Bank, providing pet food to homeless veterans and at-risk families throughout Eastern Massachusetts. The Foundation also provides education and awareness about responsible pet ownership within the city, and supports, through donations and community involvement, local organizations in their efforts to provide care and education to pet owners and their companion animals.

The Foundation’s Somerville Pet Food Bank provided over 150,000 pounds of pet food to at-risk and homeless individuals and families last year. We want to ensure that families stay together and that no one ever has to choose between feeding themselves or their pets.

Mountains of research show that keeping pets keeps struggling people connected to the world around them, improves mental health, maintains society’s relevance to otherwise-disenfranchised people, and that eyes on pets means eyes on their owners, allowing the community opportunities to help the owners, too, when needed.

To continue our work, the Foundation has launched the Community Animal Resource Can, the CARe Van, which provides free veterinary care to the pets of homeless and at-risk veterans, elderly, families and other individuals, We could use your help: Outfitting a van is extremely expensive. Keeping it supplied costs even more.

We are funded by individual donations from people like you.

If you’d like to contribute to our community.